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Sudoku Zero

4.4 ( 6064 ratings )
Giochi Istruzione Giochi da tavolo Famiglia
Sviluppatore carl nohre
0.99 USD

This App is targeting children in the first grade (age 7).

The App contains 9x9-sudokus at difficulty level ZERO. As soon as your child can count to 9, he or she is ready to attack these sudokus!

ZERO level sudoku can be solved in any order! The child does not need to search for a cell that can be solved. Just pick a cell and solve it!

To solve a cell, first check whether it is the only empty cell in the row, column, or block. Then count from 1 to 9 to find the missing digit!

* This is an inexpensive easy to use App!
* It contains absolutely NO Ads!
* It contains 100 puzzles at level ZERO.

(Please visit the developers web site for more information!)